Retreat en Fierce

As we vacated the venue…
A small gay bar whose
gruff-voiced bartender
we would later discover
was under investigation
for poisoning her family…
We drove back thru downtown
to the expressway
that would take us back home.
I was navigating…
Not driving,
but navigating…
I was in no condition to drive.
I was calling the home-shots…
Backing us out the way
we dove right in…
Gettin’ us back home…
Before the gates slam shut…
Even at my drunkest
I could always seem to get anybody
anywhere they needed to be
by directing them to turn here
veer there, stay this way, do as I say
for the big, big getaway!
This night it wasnt so much
of a getaway though…
The venue didnt have any money
for us that distempered evening
but we did get free beer…
That meant I was up to bat…
Fully activated…
My shine was brightly!
Ahhhhh… Shine!
As we drove away
in all post-gig glory available
we seen a bar employee
portering a two-wheel dolly
down the street back to the bar
with five (more) cases of Miller High-Life.
Heading back to the bar
as a re-supply I suppose…
I felt victorious!
I felt the saying
swell up deep within my gut.
I asked The Juice by Jerry
to turn back around…
“Turn back ’round Juice!” I said
“That beer’s for me!”
“I still have a job to do!”
“Im back up to bat”
I pleaded all of this
as pure truth…
But The Juice didnt turn around…
I had given enough home-shots for egress.
We were in full exit…
He seen what I didnt see…
All the banks downtown
were waving goodbye…
But this, it was a trap!
This so-called beer re-supply…
This town didnt want any more of me.
I drank all its beer.
I grabbed all glory that was available!
On this night I was a raging champion
consuming mass quanities
of the good stuff, forcing a re-supply
and I was ready for more!
I wasnt finished yet!
Im back!
Lets rage!

But alas, I was re-called…
I was pulled out!
Mission acomplished: Juice, that way home!
This town wanted revenge against me
and it knew my weakness…
It knew how to strike back!
A deep attack against my psyche!
A full barrage against me…
Against my sense of duty and follow-thru…
This town had enough of me!
It wanted payback!
It now held contempt and
only offered me layers of tragedy…
Layered tragedy for me and at me…
I was evac’d before
Lexington, Kentuckee could
strike back…
Good call Juice…
Good call indeed.
I know how I can carry on
but you did the right thing…
You got me outta there!
All the free beer gave me
a good ol’ fashioned cloud-shine.
Hard to see through the luster.
It was a thick cloud-shine too.
Real blurry stuff everywhere I looked.
I didnt see the path before me…
But you did Juice…
I was too much for that town…
Sent to the bench…
Place the call to the bull-pen.
Listen to the bugles.
Its time to go…
Split the night, in pierce…
Piloting a full retreat en fierce…
Goodbye Lexington Kentuckee.
Till we meet again
you jealous son of a bitch!
To you from me…
Often and frequently:
Fuck you…


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