Shawn Abnoxious Bio.

I was born in the fall of 1972 to a blue-collar working class family. I spent most of my childhood growing up in a Cincinnati suburb (Deer Park) but also had stints of southern living in Atlanta, Georgia and Shreveport,Louisiana before Greater Cincinnati called me back to another northern suburb (Fairfield) where I not only graduated from, but after a long courtship I married my wife Julie and we began our family.

I adopted the name of ‘Shawn Abnoxious’ modeling it after Rodney Anonymous of the band THE DEAD MILKMEN and entered the underground Cincinnati punk-rock scene not only as a fan, but a contributor by forming the punk-rock band THE SOCIALS with Julie that remains an active participant in the Cincinnati music scene.

THE SOCIALS have released many DIY releases including two CD’s Narrow Minded Entertainment for a Close Minded America and New Vibrations of Light. The most recent release includes a 7″ ep on Centsless Productions.

I published a punk-rock DIY zine for the better part of the mid-late 90’s called THE NEUS SUBJEX.

I have contributed to numerous publishing efforts as a self-taught freelance writer including MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL, ZISK, ROCK ACTION, BLANK GENERATION, TELEPHONE MAGAZINE, CITY BEAT MAGAZINE and HIGH TIMES.

In 2001 I had a short stint in the punk-rock band ZERO CRAG along with Michael “Microbe” Swen and Andrew “Android” Jody.

In 2006 I began releasing self-made chapbooks of poetry some of which are currently out of print. This includes Sinking Ships Are Beautiful, Can I Borrow The Company Glider and To Be A Mile and more.

In 2008 TOKYO ROSE RECORDS released a collection of my poems titled Teetering On The Brink of Science

In 2011 I teamed up with avant experimental artist AB1 releasing a ‘Poems with Soundtracks’ CD titled Brandishing the Future.

Exploring the realm of short fiction, The Last American (my first attempt at short fiction writing) was published for free distribution thru file sharing sources as was the unrelated follow-up, Touchdown! and more.

I’m currently a resident-artist and member of the leadership team for CREATIVA  CONVERGENCE. I also contributed to the founding of the 1st Annual Northside Record Fair.

I still resides in Fairfield where i lives with his wife and our daughter. I enjoy reading, writing, playing music, contributing to myblog …Thwart!, formed a new zine Bad Day At The Plastic Minesand watch Apocalypse Now, on a semi-regular basis.

Special thanks to Julie (my beautiful wife “If I liked poetry, I’d like that poem…”), Olive, Juice by Jerry, and everyone else who has read, will read or refuse to read mine and others poetry. Especially those who refuse…



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