Further Subjection of Random De-Levelings

You look older than you are.
Do you drink a lot of milk?
Sure ya do… It shows.
Multi-leveled places
that have never existed…
They exist #here.
Notes written onto napkins.
The brevity and disposableness
of it all is admired and noted.
Paper disent last…
Computers become obsolete.
Beautiful disposability
leaving room for all new stufff.
If your not doing it for #NOW
then what is your morivation
after all? After all of it?
Thats why they’re called
ya know…
Thats why they’re called
written with black markers
on white walls.
Flavor is not a word to describe soap
although, for some reason
it sounds amazing.
The liberation of a dead end.
Remember with me,
maybe perhaps at me
The hot times in the cold war.
The third level awaits.
Believe in it or let it believe in you.
Your intetest is not paramount.
You are seminal.
Lets celebrate…
We nolonger need glasses.
Pass the bottle until we cant anymore.
It’s always a struggle anyway.
Pick a batch of the bellicose flowers of rebellion
from the beautiful growing cracks of concrete and asphalt
from the neatest interstate
Destruction brings creation.
Creation leads to renewal.
You gotta fall down before you stand up.
You gotta listen before you command.
The dollar bill represented
half of what I had total.
More than honored
to put it towards a tall-boy.
Drink hard
Drink fast
Drink it for me.
Drink it for yourself.
See you on the next-level