I Got The Dayton Air Show Wing-Walker Blues

I awoke today hearing a gunshot
I was wide-eyed and ready to ride
despite being up late
watching info-mercials
They talked about stuff I already got
that I didnt really need
In the future these info-mercials
will be new fables and legends…
No one can see that possibility
But I can quite easily.
Still… Again.

“She was trying to break its neck…”
Hard words overheard
standing in line at Krogers.
“All the way on…”
Free Admission
-for children under 12…
Mind that tiny fine-print, fine sir!
‘buy one, get one’ is the new ‘hello.’
You better get it now
while the gettings good…
Get it while you still can…
spit before you swallow.

Its more (or less) sparkling
revealing itself as a brand new pillow
A pillow held tightly over your face
according to current codes and regulations
While you struggle and smother
the various stations
and franchise locations
of The Museums of Plastic Living
are reeling’em in
One after another…
Every Mom, Dad, Sitster and Brother.
The parking lots there
smell like shit most days
fried chicken other days.
Its hard to tell the difference anymore.

At irregular moments
in the night(s) sleep,
sleep is deemed an ‘interfearence’
and is later
with cleever-level skill
Premonitions of detonitions
busying the psychic network.
‘Exploding Dreams’ becomes
The NEW craze…
Exposing a future full of new losers
destined to replace older losers…
The circle of life ends in a grave
Loser after loser after loser
that was never saved.

You are HERE

The trademarked Digital Tendernes®
is in full effect at the dinner party…
Gathering slathering monsters
with paralyzed, but expensive faces,
show the mass their hidden places.
Faces that become swollen and brittle
when exposed to the elements.
Beauty is such a fragile thing.
Beauty is a dangerous thing.
Lie to me and tell me how
the caged tiger sings.
On the TV set(s) the nightly news
show mating Pandas doing ‘it’
with blurred out genitals…
Those genitals, blurred…
Un-blurred genitals
would send the wrong message
to someone
under strutinizing gazes
adding up to salty traces.
Please protect me from me…
From sea to shining sea…

“Are you heroes?”
A question or an answer to a question?
Im afraid to know which…
A touch of a button can be
a dangerous thing.
Butterflys know this.
Butterflys know this.

A bird, flying, hits the window.
It falls down, hits the deck.
It twitches a bit then stops.
It had broken its neck.
The prophecy fulfilled…
Listening-in on other peoples
grocery store conversations
becomes a new hobby.
Its hard to see the future
as the future
until you have a way to describe it.
Explaining to Olive what happened
she ask if we will bury it.
I tell her no
and thrown the lifeless shell
in the bushes between the houses.
Ashes to ashes

Remember when?
They once said
dont stand in front
of working microwaves
and how ‘they’ meant it?
Lets get back to those times,
that way of ‘end-thinking’.
Wars and rumors of war…
Bullshit in the heat, stinking…

The Strategic Defense Initiative
was a fictional thing
sworn to be real.
It worked on The Russians…
It worked on the American people…
Kharon finally gets a day off
to spend the money he’s been collecting
from ferrying the dead
on the river Styx
all these years…

He’s had his eyes set
on a new microwave.
How fucking ironic…
One day we will all fall
like dominos
The deathclock knows
how shallow
shallow can go.
Follow me into the fire
as you raise
the cleaver

Delacate scenes…
A butterfly doing
‘butterfly things’
It stops to rest
its wings
turns to its neighbor
and asks:
“Is it safe yet?”
and gets an answer
that covers the bet

“No. Not now. Not ever”

Let me
be your designated
Psychic Driver.
Let me punch your loyalty card.
Nine more punches
and you get something
for free
that isnt worth
a dime
or any amount
of your time.

Shirtless and shoeless
at the scrap yard with
an old hot water heater
wobbleing in and out
of a cars trunk
Another fragile scene:
“What the fuck you mean
what the fuck?”

Relax… Let it sink in.
You have seen
the first apocalypse already…
You dont know it until the
second one begins
(The one that almost captured your attention)
that you survived two (2) already…
You can do it again.
Whats the opposite of apocalypse?

When you walk on a wing
you know your time is limited.
No matter how loud you sing…
All it takes is a slip and a trip…
Before another tragic scene.
The same old thing….
Got a dime? Save a dime.
Shield your eyes
from the big surprise.
No one even noticed
how you tried…
But they rush to you
To watch you