High Hopes on the Good Ship Lollipop Being Set On Fire

Telepathic arguments out loud.
The next war will be fought
with under 140 characters.
And buttons.
And toggles.
Lots of them.

Remember buttons?
Remember toggles?
They remember you…

Your life hasent turned out
as TV originally promised.

The trouble of finding glory
in a bunch of sleeping pills
and a can of dark beer
rest on my shoulders.
Apocalypse Now
is on the movies.

I realize that watching it
over and over
may not be a healthy thing to do.
Good thing I strive for life.
To tell the story of Colonel Kurtz,
I have to tell the story of Captain Willard.
To tell the story of Captain Willard…
I have to tell my own story.
Welcome to the Goodship Lollipop.
Flight attendants will shower you
with single-serving bags
that are scribed with High Hopes
on the side
but are empty
when you open them.
The jokes on you.
The jokes on me.
The joke is funny.
Don’t forget to laugh…
It’s the only thing left
These days thats still free
I think…

This is your captain
A great idea for a t shirt :
or maybe
Maybe both.
Please note: this is your captain
I’m still here.
So I (naturally) claim victory.

As it ends up and turns out…
Your favorite song
is a lone fly
buzzing in a room
without any other sound interfering.
The Fly–Bouncing off of windows
foolishly… Again and again,
You dont smile much anymore…
You don’t get erections like you use to
And now you have the free time
to ride bikes…
Walk in the woods…
This is your captain
speaking: They lied.
again. they lied.

This is your captain
It was just on the news…
God put the Ten Commandments
on tablets.
They found the Ark of the Covenant
inside Pearls Diner…
They opened it up
and found two iPads in there.
So they re-sealed it
and put an aquarium on top of it.
No more children’s baloons anymore.
Just don’t even ask.
Trust me…
This is your captain
Trust me you mother-fuckers! (ONE)

This is your captain
Swollen neuropic limbs
touching each other
have nothing but questions.
“Why you such a mother-fucker (TWO)
mother-fucker?” (THREE)
don’t answer that…
This is your captain
I know the answer.
I’m arguing in past-tense
about future shit.
Trying to say ‘mother-fucker’ (FOUR)
at least seven times a day
in conversations that least expect it .

“You want fries with that?”
“Yeah… Make it a ‘Large Fry’
you mother-fucker.” (FIVE)

There are still surprises in life
But everything comes with a price
And I don’t have any
mother-fucking money (SIXX)
mother-fucker. (7VEN)